I help energy & resources professionals create premium quality resumes, cover letters & LinkedIn pages that clearly define their value proposition & get them more callbacks & interviews.

Track 1

The first Track of any music album is critical in capturing the listener’s attention and creating a desire to keep listening. Page 1 of your Resume is very similar as it’s the first thing to be viewed and perceptions are easily created. When your Resume is opened you have the readers’ attention – but are […]

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They key purpose of a Cover Letter is to introduce & persuade. It should be a highly targeted & succinct business communication, not an essay overloaded with buzz words. An easy way to disengage a Recruiter &/or Hiring Manager is to submit a Cover Letter that is too longwinded. Such a letter can easily create […]

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The Gentle Art of Making Resumes

Your Resume is one of the most important personal documents you’ll ever create (and quite possibly one of the most time consuming). Creating a high performing Resume (one that gets you interviewed) is somewhat of an art form and when the competition is high it’s an art form you’re best to conquer. Here are some […]

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