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The first Track of any music album is critical in capturing the listener’s attention and creating a desire to keep listening. Page 1 of your Resume is very similar as it’s the first thing to be viewed and perceptions are easily created. When your Resume is opened you have the readers’ attention – but are you creating the best first impression possible to keep that attention? Here are some quick pointers to consider for Page 1 of your Resume.

Contact Details:

Your name, personal telephone number/s and email, town and state of residence should be at the top of Page1. Make it easy for the reader to know your (basic) geographical location and contact details.

Professional Profile:

Every high quality Resume should have a Professional Profile next on Page 1. It’s your Brand and should be 1 or 2 paragraphs that capture the essence of your core work experience and strengths. It’s about positioning you succinctly and immediately helping to increase positive perceptions. Try to include key words as it can be helpful for any sites you upload to that are set up to read keywords. For instance, if you’re applying for an INLEC Technician role, you might want to think about including keywords like INLEC, E&I Technician, Electrical and Instrumentation Technician, Planned, Preventative, Reactive and/or Shutdown Maintenance, EEHA, Inspection, Installation, Testing, Calibration, Commissioning etc.


Key qualifications should be next. Taking the example of an INLEC Technician again,  qualifications and/or certifications that should be included are Electrical Licences, Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control, Certificate IV in Instrumentation, Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas, the host employer you completed your Apprenticeship through and whether it was single or dual trade, any Diploma’s (whether completed or studying) etc. Additional training, tickets, licenses, inductions and schooling should be in a separate section on the last page e.g. White or Blue Card, High Risk licences, MSIC, HUET, CPR etc. This will allow for good utilisation of space on Page 1, whilst keeping core critical information where it should be – on Page 1.

Key Areas of Expertise:

This is an area many people neglect and it can be a highly valuable addition to Page1, helping to solidify the positioning in your Professional Profile, whilst expanding on your technical offerings. Circa 6 bullet points are all that’s required and it should be mainly technical content – not just a few words, but strong sentences. And if you are in Leadership, it should also include 1 bullet point that speaks to this.

Brief Career Synopsis:

Listing your last 5 or 6 roles at the bottom of Page 1 (just role titles, dates and employers/projects) can be a powerful tool in gaining the readers’ interest to scroll down to Page 2. It’s a quick and easy reference point which I strongly encourage the inclusion of, and it closes out a highly professional and effective Page 1.

Horizon Recruitment Solutions is an expert provider of Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn page detailing services. Our knowledge comes via +18 years recruitment industry experience in senior internal/in-house and agency recruitment roles. Whether you need just a few pointers on making your Resume, Cover Letter and/or LinkedIn page exceptional, or a full re-write, please contact me for a comprehensive review that is 100% free of charge and obligation.

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Horizon Recruitment Solutions
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  • Exactly right Chris.
    A someone who hire frequently, I don’t have time to read detail. If I get the right impression within 10 seconds, then the CV gets on the short list. Its only after I have reduced the number of applicants down to 3 or 4 that I start to read the deep detail of the CV.

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