They key purpose of a Cover Letter is to introduce and persuade. It should be a highly targeted and succinct business communication, not an essay overloaded with buzzwords. An easy way to disengage a Recruiter and/or Hiring Manager is to submit a Cover Letter that is too longwinded. Such a letter can easily create a negative perception of your job application right from the get go.

Horizon Recruitment Solutions is a specialist provider of Cover Letter writing services. Through 18 years’ experience working across In-House Recruitment roles for major multi-nationals as well many years in Recruitment Agency roles, we know how to create Cover Letters that assist in getting you call backs and interviews.

Anyone requiring a highly professional Cover Letter to address specific criteria can benefit from our services. You can also refer to our article on creating high quality Cover Letters.

Professional and without a doubt the best service in this field I have experienced to date. If you are contemplating an overhaul of your resume, cover letter, etc then I definitely recommend you get in touch with Chris. You wont be disappointed with the quality of his work!!!!!!

Bruce Gorman Outbye Superintendent and Shift Supervisor

I highly recommend Chris to assist you with your resume, cover letter, career advice. Chris is very professional with great industry knowledge. Thanks again mate.

Troy Williams Boilermaker & Pre-Commissioning Supervisor - Energy & Resources

Being a foreign engineer from a non English speaking country and migrating to Australia I was troubled how to interest Australian employers without any local experience. As a Resume and Cover letter are the first and very important documents to demonstrate my skills and experience I asked Chris to enhance my previous version and adapt it to Australian standards. Just in few days after our close cooperation I received my new Resume and Cover letter that outperformed all my expectations. Since that moment I had another problem how to deny correctly offers to cooperate with so many consultants. Still being in Ukraine, a week before departure to Australia, I was invited to 3 interviews from Brisbane and Sydney and was expected to call ASAP after my arrival. On the 10th day of my living in Australia I was given a permanent engineering role with very competitive salary level and future prospects. It allowed me not to spend most of my savings after arrival on basic needs during long term job searching. I would like to thank Chris much for his individual approach, attention to any detail and valuable consultations afterwards. I can truly recommend Chris as an excellent specialist in Resume Writing Service.

Anon Fire Protection Engineer - Energy & Resources

I would like to thanks Chris for the very professional work he has completed for me. The quick turn around and regular contact made me feel confident in the outcome of his work and I was not disappointed in the results. I would recommend Chris to anyone wanting to have their resume and associated documents or network profiles updated to a level beyond your expectations.

Anon Electrical Construction Manager - Energy & Resources

To anyone who feels they are qualified for a role but cannot get the interview they need I cannot recommend Chris and his total package service! I am absolutely amazed at how well my work career now reads in my new resume and can attest that it was almost instantaneously that I saw results! Thank you so much Chris.

Anon Crane & Rigging Leading Hand – Energy & Resources

There are not enough words to describe my appreciation to Chris for the excellent work he achieved on modifying my CV, rarely these days do you come across someone who is talented at both the big picture ideas and executing the small detail. I was delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated his suggested modifications, the extra time and effort he put into the document including my cover letter and LinkedIn profile were certainly worth it. Chris builds strong relationships and ensures successful outcomes in a professional and timely manner I was particularly impressed with continual communication throughout the process something I have never had before in revamping my CV the final outcome was awesome so much so that on finalisation of my cover letter and CV and submitting to four advertised positions in my field I was invited to the whole four interview's and successfully signed a wonderful contract. I believe strongly this came about by Chris highlighting my strength's and experiences and covering all aspects of my qualifications in my field. Chris has gone way above my expectations in completing my cover letter and resume not to mention my now professional LinkedIn profile that matches all my documentation, I have no hesitation in highly recommending Chris to one and all for the professional delivery of resume writing services. Thanks Chris

Anon Crane & Rigging Superintendent – Energy & Resources

Chris you have done wonders with my new Resume & Cover Letter template. I also be recommending you to my colleagues.

Anon HA Electrician - Oil & Gas & Manufacturing

I would recommend anyone who is struggling with their Resume, to contact Chris Cannard from Horizon Recruitment Solutions – he will not disappoint. He provides a straight forward Resume health check and delivers on what he says. He delivered a highly professional and well formatted Resume that described my experience and skills in a way that I couldn’t. He also provided me with a professional Cover Letter template which I desperately needed and now feel confident and proud to submit with my Resume.

Anon Service, SAP & Branch Administrator

I contacted Chris with the task of developing my resume and cover letter for a specific job in mind with a tight dead line. Quick to get moving on the task, Chris surprised me with not only his knowledge of the INLEC trade but also his research into the position I was applying for. Chris was easy to deal with providing both support over the phone and by email, delivering a polished product well before the deadline. I would highly recommend Chris's support and I will be using him again for future positions.

Anon INLEC Technician – Energy & Resources

I was on my LinkedIn account one evening and this random dude added me. I thought oh yeah he is a recruiter I had better add him I may need to use him at some point. I was tired and trying to get my head around what I wanted to do next in my career. He then sent me a private message introducing himself and said if I required a health check on my resume he would be happy to take a look. I thought to myself why not it’s not going to cost me anything. I sent my Email to Chris and after a few days he sent me my health check, it wasn’t all bad and I could have easily walked away with his suggestions and changed my resume at no cost, however the areas requiring change wasn’t something I could be bothered with when there was no time in the day to get it completed at work and too tired at night working a 23/10 Roster so I asked him to go ahead and complete my resume for me. A couple of days went by and he sent me my new resume and cover letter. I was very impressed. I would never have been able to write the things he wrote about me as it is hard enough at the best of times to talk about the good points in your career and life and what type of person you are….. I would recommend Chris to anyone if you were serious about getting a job or change of career. It is worth the $$$ and the resume is not a long drawn out 10 pages which is what I like about it as well.

Anon Administration Coordinator & Executive Assistant – Energy & Resources

Dear Chris - Thanks for all the great work you have done on my Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn profile. I have already used the new Resume & Cover Letter to apply for a couple of advertised jobs & I can’t believe the amount of people (my contacts) that have reviewed my LinkedIn Profile update, quite unbelievable & congratulated me on my new position. Again, thanks for your work.

Anon Well Integrity & Field Commissioning Coordinator – Oil & Gas

Chris, just a quick note to say how happy I am with the results of my new and improved Resume and Cover Letter template. The service that you have provided throughout our communications has been nothing but exceptional and prompt. The completed product was more than I could have hoped for, especially the extra research that you put into each of my previous jobs and the descriptions that you used for them which has made my CV, in my opinion, an average one to a stand out one. I will be definitely recommending you to anyone who needs a new, fresh CV in the future.

Anon Electrical & Instrumentation Technician - Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing & Power Generation

Chris Cannard provided me with a new professional Resume that set out my past working experience, relevant documents such as tickets, licences and certificates. The document was grammatically correct and the information contained in the resume is accurate and informative, yet easy to digest. The complete service provided included an excellent covering letter and a revamped resume which I was very pleased with and all this was achieved in just a few days. I would highly recommend Chris and Horizon Recruitment Solutions without hesitation.

Anon Mechanical Technician – Mining, Oil & Gas

I would like to thank You and the Horizon Team for the great effort in rewriting my resume and cover letters, not only did you and the team have to do it twice because I changed my mind but you had to do it on a Saturday morning due to my late call Friday afternoon. Chris I had some great feedback regarding the quality and the lay out of my resume and the employers recruitment teams liked the references on the cover letter indicating what was applied for and when. Great service. Thank You

Anon Construction - Project Management & Maintenance Specialist, Brisbane

Chris - I would like to forward my gratitude for sorting out my resume and cover letter. I have continuously struggled to capture my working life experience and portray them in a professional manor. You have delivered a fantastic, professional resume that I am sure will greatly improve my employment prospects. I would recommend anyone who is struggling with their resume, particularly in the current competitive job market to contact Chris from Horizon Recruitment Solutions - you will not be disappointed.

Anon Lead Electrical & Instrumentation Technician – Oil & Gas & Mining - Queensland

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