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LinkedIn Essentials Training – Extracting Maximum Value From Your Biggest Digital Asset

A well-written and well-used LinkedIn page can provide a big competitive edge in the job market, and it’s never held more value for you than right now.
LinkedIn is by far the biggest and most powerful professional networking site in the world, and if used right, it can be your biggest digital asset.
Not only is it free, it has the power to help you get approached/head hunted by recruiters looking for talent with your specific skillset, to help you connect with and converse with key decision makers, to raise positive perfections of you as a specialist in your field, and to automatically send you notifications of new job listings you want to hear about it.
If you’re not experiencing all of the above benefits from your LinkedIn page, then you need to get on-board with this webinar. I’ve used LinkedIn daily for almost 20 years. I’m an expert user and many of my clients have been asking for LinkedIn training so I’ve developed this webinar to train you on how to extract maximum value from your LinkedIn account.
In this 1 hour training session, delivered personally by me, I’ll train you on how to effectively use the key functions of LinkedIn, how to keyword optimise your page to get more views from recruiters, how to greatly increase the number of views you get on your content posts, how to increase your success rate on connection requests accepted, and how to automate your job searches.

9th December 2020 9am AEST

9th December 2020 7pm AEST

16th December 2020 9am AEST

16th December 2020 7pm AEST


Even if you follow just a few of my recommendations, you’ll get much more value from your LIN page, and increase your ability to successfully compete in this job market. And your return on investment (AU$165 including GST) will not only greatly out way the outlay, but I also pledge to donate 10% of all profits from this webinar to The Smith Family; a national, independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australians get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves. So your attendance will help to sponsor an Australian child living in poverty.

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